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    Our services

    form 1.48 £ per mile

    Special Equipment Transportation

    Worldwide transportation of special equipment using low-bed trailers

    form 1.75 £ per mile

    Railway Transportation

    Railway transportation of oversized cargo from any station

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    form 1.67 £ per mile

    Oversized Cargo Transportation

    Transportation of oversized cargo with a width of 2.55m and length of 20m

    form 1.78 £ per mile


    Transportation of heavy cargo on platforms – modules with high load capacity

    form 1.43 £ per mile

    Metal Structure Transportation

    Transportation of metal structures by semi-trailer

    form 1.76 £ per mile

    Crane Truck Transportation

    Transportation of crane trucks by railway

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    form 1.78 £ per mile

    Long-Length Cargo

    Transportation of long-length cargo up to 40 meters on an extendable trailer

    form 1.90 £ per mile

    Agricultural Machinery Transportation

    Delivery of combines on a trailer

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    Additional services


    Route inspection

    Proper routing will enhance the speed, quality, and safety of transportation. For instance, an improperly planned route might lead to delays or even the return of cargo to the point of departure, resulting in additional financial costs for the client and a loss of time.


    Oversized cargo escort vehicles

    These specialized vehicles accompany oversized or heavy loads during transportation to ensure safe passage through roadways, intersections, and other potential obstacles. They often have flashing lights, signage, or other indicators to alert fellow road users about the presence and dimensions of the larger cargo. Their primary function is to prevent accidents, navigate route challenges, and ensure that the transportation process adheres to regulatory requirements and safety standards.


    Preparation of Special Permits

    We provide professional services for obtaining special permits for the transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo by road, rail, sea, and river transport, both within Russia and for international destinations.

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    We sign a contract / application

    In the application, we specify all the requirements and conditions for the order execution


    You make an advance payment

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    We reserve rolling stock for you

    And prepare the necessary documentation – survey, special permit, escort vehicles, traffic route permits, etc.


    You prepare the cargo for shipment, get it into transportable condition, pack it, etc.

    The shipper is responsible for the quality of the packaging and the secure attachment of any removable parts of the cargo


    We deliver, ensuring uncompromised traffic safety and cargo preservation

    We consider all possible options and offer you the most optimal solution


    We settle for the work done and shake hands

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    Transportation of oversized cargo

    When it comes to shipping heavyweight cargo, the name that resonates with expertise is Oversized Logistics. With a legacy of providing end-to-end services, we are renowned for our expertise in transporting all types of goods, including the challenging heavyweight cargo segment.

    Why Choose Oversized Logistics?

    • Flexible Modes of Transport: Though road vehicles remain a popular choice, our expertise extends to air, sea, and rail transportation. From unimodal to complex multimodal solutions, we’ve got you covered.
    • Global Reach: Our services span across continents, encompassing regions like Europe, East, and South Asia. The growth of manufacturing and building industries propels the demand for oversized cargo transportation, and we are at the forefront of fulfilling this demand.
    • Cost-effective Solutions: With long-standing collaborations worldwide, we ensure not just timely delivery but also cost-effectiveness, irrespective of the complexity or the number of transportation modes involved.

    Understanding Oversized Cargo

    Oversized cargo encompasses a broad spectrum, from mining equipment to construction machinery. Specific standards classify cargo as ‘oversized’. For road transportation:

    1. Height should not exceed 4 meters.
    2. Width is limited to 2.55 meters.
    3. The maximum length is 20 meters.
    4. Weight varies based on the axle number, ranging from 18 to 44 tons.

    Any deviation from these standards necessitates special regulations for transport.

    The Advantage

    The challenges of oversized cargo transportation are many – from technical road limitations to increased accident risks. At Oversize Cargo, we preempt these challenges. Whether it’s coordinating routes to avoid compromised infrastructure or deploying special cover cars for safer transit, we prioritize your cargo’s safety. Our unwavering commitment to international regulatory standards ensures that with us, your cargo’s delivery is both swift and secure.

    What cargos do we transport?
    • Mining and quarry equipment
    • Construction machinery and equipment
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Road construction equipment
    • Industrial machinery
    • Wind turbines and parts
    • Oversized vehicles
    • Large storage tanks
    • Bridge sections
    • Modular homes
    • Heavy-duty cranes
    • Specialized equipment for oil and gas industry
    We operate worldwide
    • Houston, USA
    • Shanghai, China
    • Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Dubai, UAE
    • Singapore
    • Hamburg, Germany
    • Antwerp, Belgium
    • Busan, South Korea
    • Mumbai, India
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Durban, South Africa
    Cost of transportation oversized
    Prices for oversized transportation per kilometer
    Oversized cargo on a semi-trailer from 45-55 $
    20-25 tons from 78-84
    25-30 tons from 90-96 $
    30-35 tons from 102 $
    35-40 tons from 108-114 $
    40-45 tons from 120 $
    45-50 tons from 150 $
    Tariff for oversized transport depending on cargo weight:
    Weight Starting price for transportation
    up to 20 tons from 40 $
    20-25 tons from 80
    25-30 tons from 100 $
    30-35 tons from 120
    35-40 tons from 140 $
    40-45 tons from 160 $
    45-50 tons from 200 $

    Price is discussed individually as it depends on several factors, such as urgency of the delivery of special equipment (cargo), need for escort vehicles, volume of shipments, etc.

    Moscow and all of Russia

    Transportation of dimensional and oversized cargoes:
    Parameters Parameters do not exceed any of the specified Parameters above the specified (oversized cargo)
    Train length 20 m From 40 $/km From 80 $/km
    Width 2.55 m
    Height 4 m
    Weight 20 tons

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    Oversized cargo refers to any shipment that exceeds the standard dimensions or weight limits set by transportation authorities. For road transport, this typically means any cargo exceeding 4 meters in height, 2.55 meters in width, or 20 meters in length. Additionally, weight constraints, which can vary based on the number of axles, play a role in defining oversized cargo. The exact specifications may vary by country or region.

    Transporting oversized cargo comes with various challenges. Due to its size and weight, oversized cargo can pose risks to road safety and may require special routes to avoid infrastructure like bridges or tunnels with size or weight restrictions. Additionally, there can be logistical challenges related to loading, unloading, and securing the cargo. Special permissions or permits may also be required for the transit of oversized cargo, and its movement might be restricted to certain times of the day or specific routes.

    Oversized Logistics prioritizes safety in every step of the transportation process. This begins with careful route planning to avoid problematic infrastructure and ensure the most efficient and safe route. Additionally, we often employ special cover cars for safer transit and abide by all international and local regulations related to oversized cargo. With our long-term experience, we ensure compliance with all necessary technical and sanitary transportation standards, guaranteeing that each product is delivered swiftly and securely.

    Yes, oversized cargo can be shipped internationally. AsstrA offers end-to-end services, ensuring that cargo can reach any corner of the globe. Whether shipping to Europe, East and South Asia, or other regions, we develop routes that adhere to all legal requirements and specific cargo parameters. Our collaborations with business partners globally allow us to facilitate international shipments, ensuring timely delivery regardless of destination.